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Originally from the South of France, I worked for 4 years in New York and I am now back in France, working in Paris.

I had the opportunity to work on multiple awarded projects including documentaries, narratives, commercials, music videos, interviews and promotional videos and for different type of format: short, feature and series. I've worked on projects sponsored by ESPN or Urban Light and with clients like Harper's Bazaar, Univision, Dove, AccuWeather, Blue Apron, Jennifer Diederich (Suite), Kona Brewery or the French Ministry of Education. Some of the projects I worked on were screened on multiple festivals, including Tribeca Film Festival, Oscar Qualifying Cinequest Film & VR Festival and Festival de Cannes. 

My most recent work include the Feature Documentary "Shark Side of The Moon" for Sharkfest and National Geographic, available on Disney +.

I also worked as a Jury for the Colorists Awards 2021, 2022 and 2023.





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