The Martial Way is a promotional video for the martial art Kyokushin Karate, directed by Simon Doutreleau.

Have you ever wanted to experience spirituality, tradition and full contact all mixed in one Martial art? This is what Kyokushin Karate stands for... The strongest Karate. Through this video you'll discover a fighter's journey, his experiences, his efforts and his determination to always push himself further into the martial way.

KYOKUSHIN, in Japanese means "Ultimate Truth". The name was selected by our founder, Masutatsu (Mas) Oyama to describe the pinnacle of martial arts training. Not an end result, but a neverending path to the point where dedication, perseverance and sweat meets strength, humility and wisdom.


  • Director: Simon Doutreleau

  • Producer: Ciarán Harland

  • First AD: Harry Walters

  • DoP: Richard Ducros

  • Camera Operator: Thomas Desmedt

  • Production Sound Mixer: Laurent Dussault

  • G&E: Mathis Fabien

  • PA: Marvin Zana

  • Editor: Yann Brogard

  • Sound Design & Editing: Camille Thomas, Romain Sturma

  • Music: Alexandre Méaux

  • Post Production Sound Mixer: Laurent Dussault

  • Colorist; Lou Daumas

  • Title Designer: Paul Jouchet

  • BTS: Nicolas Thau